Hire Prices

2 x weeks £7.00

4 x weeks £10.00

Per week after initial hire period £2.50

I can also offer sling hire from my home with an appointment. The price will include up to 30 mins of fitting advice and a 2 or 4 week hire period on the carrier of your choice. This choice is recommended for customers who have chosen which carrier they are hiring already. If you are unsure, please take advantage of our 90 min consultations.

2 x weeks hire £12.00

4 x weeks hire £15.00

With up to a 90 minute consultation/fitting advice and the chance to try a lot more carriers.

2 x weeks £20.00

4 x weeks £25.00

Standard hire without a consultation (pick up only with an appointment from my home)

2 x weeks £7.00

4 x weeks £10.00

121 consultation with your own carrier:

30 mins £15.00

90 mins £20.00

 FREE 4 week hire of a stretchy with brief intro available at library sessions. £20 deposit needs to be left with 2 x proofs of ID and address.

8 week  hire of a Stretchy/Caboo with a 90 minute consultation to parents with babies under 12 weeks old £20.00

You will need to return the carrier to my home via Special Delivery post or by making an appointment to return the carrier to my home.

For appointments in the comfort of your own home there is an extra £5.00 surcharge.

I will also be charging 30p per mile after 5 miles from my address in Caernarfon.

To be able to hire one of ABC's carriers you'll need to provide proof of your address such as a recent utility bill and a debit/credit card or a driving licence.


Stretchy  : Suitable for premature and newborns to around 35lbs.  These are a long stretchy length of material that can generally be used for front carries and sometimes hip carries. Ideal for staying hands-free in those early weeks. One size fits all.

Stretchy Hybrid : (Close Caboo) These are very similar to the original type of stretchy but are sewn in to loops or crosses of fabric to avoid the need to tie completely. These are very adjustable.

Woven wrap from size 3 - 7 : These can be used for a  large number of  front,hip, and back carries. Very versatile and suit all body types and baby ages.

Emeibaby  ( baby size ) : Suitable from birth up to around 15kgs

Luna EVO : SSC suitable from 15lbs ( 63cm tall ) until your baby is around 2 years old ( 44lbs )

Tula ( standard ) : Buckled soft structured carrier which is easy to put on and contains extra padding for added comfort. This is also available with the newborn insert so that it can be used for smaller babies.

Tula  ( toddler ) : As above but suitable for toddlers.

Connecta ( standard ) : Buckled soft structured carrier with less padding around the waist making it ideal to roll up and keep in your bag. This is suitable from birth (3.5kg/7.5lb) without the need for inserts.

Connecta ( toddler ) : Suitable from  around 18 months old.

Isara ( standard ) : Adjustable buckle carrier suitable from 8.8lbs up to 44lbs (from around 1 month to 4-5 years old)

Isara ( toddler ) : Adjustable buckle carrier suitable from 17lbs up to 44lbs (from around 8 months to 4-5 years old)

IZMI :Multi positionlight weight  carrier suitable for babies weighing 7lbs to 33lbs

Hoptye : An adjustable Mei Tai with wrap straps for comfort. This is suitable from newborn until about 2 years of age.

Buckled Onbu (standard) : This is suitable from around 6 months old and does not have a waistband making it comfortable for ladies who are pregnant or for the mums/dads who don't like waistbands on their carriers.

Ring Sling : Suitable for newborns up to toddler.